Getting Tired Of All The Sarahah Posts Spamming Your Social Feed? Here’s An Easy Way To Block Them All!

It’s good to see that people have time to write anonymous messages to their friends, but this new form of self-validation is getting on my nerves. I don’t want to know how nice you are or how pretty you look! I have had too much already and it’s practically the kind of Facebook information we get to read on your profile picture.

But just like how some people want to see the world burn, there are some nice humans too, who become our savior. Anshul Mittal, who graduated from NIT (Jaipur) last year, is the nice human behind making a Chrome plugin to hide this Sarahah nonsense!

1. Go to Google Chrome Web store
2. Search extension named “Enough of Sarahah
3. Add this extension to your web browser
check the results in your news feed. It will block all the Sarahah messages & posts from your Social feed.
On this independence day, make your feed  free from Sarahah.

A big thank you to Anshul Sir!!!!
Happy Independence Day to all!!!